Wordless Wednesday: Archway

Hello, and welcome to Wordless Wednesday!

My sister and I strolled through a local park one afternoon.  When I saw this, I thought of all the people who’d passed underneath it, and wondered what secrets this series of arches have been privy to. . ..

DSC_1239So, my blogosphere peeps, what do you think these secrets might be?  And for my writer friends, I hope it tickles your muses into action.  🙂

Happy Wednesday!


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Archway

  1. Looks like a great meeting place for spies. Or for planning court intrigue.One of those places where a President or King might say, “Walk with me” when they don’t want a conversation to be overheard.

  2. Love it, Sarah! And wouldn’t it be interesting if the conversation IS overheard? Let’s say, by the heroine? Perhaps this information is so damning that her life is in danger? Or maybe she didn’t really hear anything, but someone believes she did. And now, to protect her, the hero’s got to stick close by. Heh. . ..

    Thanks for playing with me! 🙂

    Happy writing,

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