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Back in my early years at The Male Observation Lab, a.k.a. the day job, one of my mentors once swore that if every family had a zucchini plant, it would put an end to world hunger.

Being young, inexperienced, newly married, and relatively broke, I took that to heart, and planted my first crop of zucchini that year.  It wasn’t until about a month later that a co-worker pointed out that nine plants was more than I’d need for two people.  Let’s just say she was right. . ..

Summers in my part of the world pretty much guarantees that there’s no need to worry about planting any zucchini at all — someone always shares.  Just like this bad boy:

P1140882I don’t know about you, but I think size matters.  Whatever it weighed, I knew it could take multiple recipes to use up.  So thanks to Google and what was in my file, I got started.  First, zucchini muffins (yes, yes, they’re Paleo!) . . .. P1140892and I tossed some into a double batch of chicken soup. . . and shredded some for a side dish. . . and used more of the shredded stuff in a doubled meatloaf recipe. . . and also in a zucchini relish (mainly so I could finish it up).

But that was just the start.  See, it seems that everyone’s zucchini plant has gone extra uber-bonkers this year, which generally causes even the Scrooges of the world to wanna share their bounty.  Good of them, right?

Sometime this weekend, I’ll be canning zucchini relish and making a non-Paleo Zucchini bread for the nieces.  But I also figured I can’t be the only one dealing with a zucchini on steroids.  So.  What are your favorite zucchini recipes?

Happy eating,