Wordless Wednesday: Smile!

Welcome back to Wordless Wednesday!

One of the things I love about summer are the fairs that take place in our area.  And while the food, and the rides, and eating just before a ride (not recommended, by the way) are a huge part of going to the fair, my favorite is visiting the aminals.  (That’s a deliberate misspelling, and a nod to my sister, who visited the fair for the first time this year! 🙂 )

Anywho, today’s Wordless Wednesday pic is from our county fair:


So, writer peeps, what do you suppose is going through this little guy’s head?

Happy writing,


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Smile!

  1. I’m sure he’s thinking, “That webinar “Mind control of the typical human” wasn’t worth the grain I paid. I can’t get them to buy more food and feed me!” LOL ~ Viola

  2. “I’m harmless…come closer…I smell the rich, dark chocolate you’ve squirreled away in your pocket – as if a little denim can foil my plans!… That’s it, reach out and pet me…a little closer…run your fingers through my awesome fur…I will bleat pathetically…You are overcome by my cuteness…Got it!!!”

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