Wordy Wednesday: Like Powdered Sugar

Hello and welcome to Wordy Wednesday!

It snowed in my part of the world. And it hasn’t melted yet. Something our area isn’t used to seeing. Or driving in. Which means that schools have been shut down since last Friday. Yep. Lucky me to have nieces at home and suffering from cabin fever by day two. . .. And also lucky me for not having to stay home with them. 🙂

This pic comes courtesy of a drive to the office yesterday.

P1150706It was so pretty I had to stop a moment and just take it in. By the end of the week this will all be gone. . ..

So, writer-peeps, is there a scene your muse can spin together from this pic? Where’s the hero/heroine off to? Are they excited or ticked that they’ve got to go through snow to get there? Would any weather stop them?

Happy writing,

6 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: Like Powdered Sugar

  1. So beautiful, Melia! I don’t like driving in it, but looking at it always makes my heart full of joy! Drive carefully! Especially around that Sasquatch Crossing area. ~ Viola

  2. It is rare you guys get hit with so much snow and we don’t have any in Portland. My muse sees the hero and heroine off to a cozy lodge for a holiday getaway. Roaring fire place, soft rug, and hot toddies. 🙂

  3. I thought it was unusual, too! How’d we end up with it for an entire week?!

    Cozy lodge – so romantic. Then again, it could be the perfect setting for more conflict. LOL – I love being a writer!

    Hugs and happy writing,

  4. Sasquatch Crossing – love it, Viola!

    I’m like you: love the view from the safety of a warm, enclosed home. Driving in it took some getting used to, and I was definitely more comfortable by the end of the week. Still, it was awesome to have it mostly gone and warmed up by the time the Roses got together. 🙂

    Hugs and happy writing,

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