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P1150688Snow in our part of the Pacific Northwest isn’t very common. Oh, sure, it might actually dump snow, but it’s generally too warm to hang around. Which is partly why last week’s storm was such a blast! (I can say that now that the snow’s gone!)

Despite the amount of work I had to get through over the weekend, I had to take the opportunity to make a snow blob. P1150693Really, it was supposed to be a snow man. Only, this batch of snow was too dry, which meant that the snow wouldn’t hold together, which meant that instead of a huge ball, I ended up with a cone-like thingy, which meant that Frosty wouldn’t likely materialize.

P1150701Anywho, after a couple of hours it was time for a glass of wine. (Priorities, you know 😉 ) And that was when I’d also decided the blob was as good as it was going to get.

What do you all think?

Does it snow in your part of the world? What do you do for fun when it does?

Stay warm,