The Male Observation Lab: Hello, Kitty

The dudes at The Male Observation Lab are a multi-talented bunch. Not only do they build bridges and roadways, subdivisions and football stadiums, but they lead interesting, passionate lives outside of the day job, too. Coaching little league football and leading Boy Scout Troops come to mind, but baking cake? Wasn’t prepared for that one, but here’s how it went down.

One of the dudes got a phone call from his granddaughter the other night. Why? To remind him that her birthday was the next day, and she wanted her grandfather to bake her a cake. Not just any cake, but a Hello Kitty one. This particular dude is a pipe superintendent – brilliant at it, actually – and not the kind that easily capitulates to requests (trust me on this!). But what did he do that night? He got in the car, drove to the store, and bought stuff to make his granddaughter’s birthday wish come true. (Awwww. . ..)

Check out this cake:

DSCN1116Turns out he loves cake decorating. Been doing it for years. Seriously. And he’s pretty great at it, too! Which just goes to show, talent can be found in many forms, whether laying a complicated pipe run in the middle of winter or baking a special birthday cake. Which once again reinforces my belief that dudes are multi-layered and harder to understand than we ladies give them credit for. . ..


2 thoughts on “The Male Observation Lab: Hello, Kitty

  1. What an amazing man, and cake! A pat on the back to him. People have layers, just like cakes, we can only guess at. 🙂 ~Viola

  2. Aww! That is wonderful! Yes, they are multi-layered and wonderful. Mostly.

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