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There are moments in every writer’s life that are super special. For me, they include . . .

. . . completing the draft of my very first book (a story that will NEVER be published – you may thank me with chocolate. . ..)

. . . having a fellow writer read that same story (who confirms it should never see the light of publication)

. . . writing another story (when I was so sure I didn’t have it in me) P1160877

. . . sending it off to a contest and taking first place (even though I was sure no one would want to read my stories)

. . . finally selling that book ten or eleven years later (I’ve honestly lost count!)

. . . and accepting my virgin white rose from my local RWA chapter for that sale (a sweetly surreal experience)

As I navigate through the world of publication, I look forward to sharing my virgin moments with you all. I’ve got some exciting news, but must wait a wee bit longer before I share. (Did anyone ever tell you that patience is a necessary trait in the publishing world? It’s sooo true!)

Meanwhile. . .

Happy reading, writing, and loving life,