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One of the things I most adore about Mr. Alexander is his kooky sense of humor. And, really, with as intense as life can get, a great sense of humor goes far, yes?

This photo was taken several years ago at a pier in San Francisco where sea lions piled on each other and entertained the crowds gathered on the dock. And this is Mr. A imitating them:

a022_22 (2)Whenever I see this pic, it takes me back there. Back to the smell of seafood and baked bread, the throngs of tourists elbow to elbow for photos on the pier, and the barking noises of the sea lions that made Mr. A mimic them and eventually pushed me towards hysterical laughter.

In that specific moment of time, I knew life was perfect.

I love memories those kinds of memories! Do you have particularly fond memories that, when triggered, make you believe all is right with the world?