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Every now and then, Mr. Alexander and I like to ditch the nieces and wander off to dinner. (Mean of us, huh?) One evening we found ourselves at a new-to-us restaurant, and did we fall in love with the place!

What made it so special? More likely than not it was because we were sans nieces. Don’t get me wrong, we love the girls. Really! It’s just that we went from 0 to an 18 year-old in 6 weeks. And we haven’t had much alone time since. Must. Change. That.

Anyhoo, we sat at the bar where we got a great view of the action. I ordered the Coconut Curry Chicken with no rice and extra veggies. Check it out:

This was, hands-down, the best I’ve had. Ever. (And the chef was pretty entertaining, too!)

So, on this Food and Wine Wednesday, I’d like to encourage you to ditch the kids (in capable, caring hands if they’re too young to be left on their own) and go out for a nice meal with your someone special. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll re-discover each other, and that you’ll get a great meal out of it, too! 😉

Happy Food and Wine Wednesday!