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Today’s Take Me Back Thursday goes back to the time when I thought sturgeon fishing would be a great idea! Mainly because I’d never done it before, and I’m pretty much into trying something at least once. Well. . .. Most things, anyway. I do draw the line at stuff like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

But I digress. . ..

Mr. Alexander and I on our first ever sturgeon fishing trip! And, yeah, that’s Portland in the background, so it’s not like we had to trek up to Alaska or anything. (Are there even sturgeon in Alaska?)

IMG_2097I did hook a sturgeon. Really, I did! But it turned out the sucker was way more than my pre-CrossFit body could handle. Ended up with my *ss on the floor of the boat and with my legs braced on the side.

Huh. I have to wonder if I could take him now. . ..

Happy almost-Friday,