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Happy Mash-Up Monday!

What I most admire about the dudes at The Male Observation Lab is their ability to make difficult construction decisions under lots and lots20140709_084829 and LOTS of pressure. Every now and then, though, these dudes take on the role of hero, like the time Sophie was rescued.

Picture it: Sophie had escaped a fenced-in yard, eager to check out the goings-on at the project site near her home where the dudes were working. Unfortunately, she had to cross two lanes of traffic to get to them. . .. And during the morning rush-hour commute. . . ..

20140709_090636That’s where our heroes come in. One of them, driving a concrete mixer truck, positioned himself behind Sophie and trailed her as she figured out which way she wanted to go, and effectively shielded her from other motorists. Another dude  then scooped her up out of harm’s way. Yay!20140709_090445

But her adventure didn’t end there. See, turns out that Sophie’s mom didn’t answer the phone when Rescue Dude called. So he packed her into his truck and brought her to the office. Correction. My office.

I wanted to keep her. Rescue Dude pointed out that we’d have a difficult time convincing management Sophie was a new employee, and – here was the clincher for me – her mom would likely miss her.

Before long, it was time for Sophie to leave. And, really, it was for the best. If I’d brought her home I’m pretty sure Bennett-the-cat would’ve packed a bag and left.

Have you ever helped rescue an animal?

Have a great week,