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Welcome to Travel Bug Tuesday!

Traveling sometimes brings unexpectedly fun surprises, right? Probably one of the reasons I love it! That, and the fact that you can eat whatever you want because calories don’t count when you travel. But that’s another story. . ..

Anyhoo, this was taken at the Continental Divide at Yellowstone National Park. In June.P1050751It was like Christmas! Okay, okay. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but in our part of the world, playing in the snow in June was an unexpected treat. And Youngest Niece and Middle Nephew took full advantage of it!

P1050753A couple of snow ball fights, lots of laughter, and super-cold hands later, we finally piled back into the van and were off to the next adventure. . ..

I love when traveling hands out delicious surprises, don’t you?

Happy travels,