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I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have a heckuva hard time getting the fam to do anything together. Mainly because the girls don’t want to be seen with us psuedo-parents. Well, not unless it involves us forking money over for stuff like clothes. But that’s another story. . ..

So the conversation at breakfast one Saturday morning went something like this:

Niece: I want to ride an elephant.
Niece 2 (with the disdain of a typical 15-year-old): Why?
Niece: Because elephants are my favorite! (Sadly, this is true. She couldn’t possibly have said “keeping my room clean is my favorite,” now could she?)
Niece 2: That’s dumb.
Me (thinking *this* was a family-bonding opportunity): There’s a safari place a couple of hours away. They gave elephant rides the last time I was there.

Mr. A grabbed his glass of OJ and gave me a pointed look. He coulda reminded me that I’d whined less than half an hour before about writing deadlines and laundry and a needed trip to the grocery store. But he didn’t. Smart man.

Niece: Can we go? Can we go? CAN WE GO? Puh-leeeaassse?
Niece 2: That’s dumb.
Niece (glaring at her sister): You already said that.
Me: Okay, we’re going. *stares at Niece 2* And that means you, too.

Three hours of grumpy silence from Niece 2 later, we get there. . .. And found out elephant rides were no longer available. Something about political correctness in the zoo world. There was, however, a camel.

Niece was dejected, but agreed that a camel ride was better than nothing.

Niece 2 was elated. Until I pointed out she had to ride it, too. Heh.

Aren’t I mean?

Happy Mash-Up Monday,