A Night at The Grove

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As a contemporary romance writer, I do include love scenes in my stories. Sex is, after all, a natural part of romantic intimacy and is typically explored by couples before marriage. (Sshhh! Don’t tell my mother that!)

Admittedly, it’s that romance writer side who tends to weave story scenes at almost every place giving even a hint of potential. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😉 The obvious, of course, is a bed. Preferably one with soft sheets and as part of a romantic getaway.

So when I made a trip a few weeks ago, I had to admit my room gave La Muse something to work with! The Grove Hotel is located in downtown Boise, within walking distance of shopping, art museums, terrific restaurants, and even the Capitol! But it was the bed that captured the imagination.

A spacious room . . . a king-sized bed covered with luxuriously soft cotton sheets . . .. fluffy pillows. . .. lots of lighting options. . .. a strategically placed chair or two. . ..

Yep, La Muse had fun with this room! 🙂

Does a bed make that much of a difference when you travel? (And not necessarily for the reasons my muse rates them!)

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