Being Silly

Happy Take Me Back Thursday!

I do love looking at old photos. There’s so much to be said for the moment that’s captured and the kind of memories that are attached to it. Take this one, for instance:

Newport Visit_at the aquarium 7Niece 2 in one of her many playful moods. (Back then, anyway. These days she’s a brooding teen more often than not!) I swear we couldn’t get that girl out of the diver’s mask (is that even what it’s called?) that afternoon! And when we finally did, it involved some sort of bribe. (I forget now what it was. Ice cream?)

She giggled and giggled and GIGGLED, ducking in and out and in and out of the danged thing. And, yeah, it was too cute!

Do you sometimes look at photos so powerful they propel you back in time?

Happy almost-Friday,




One thought on “Being Silly

  1. So funny, Melia! It’s amazing how kids have honed the ability to be silly into such an integral part of themselves. I think adults need to relearn how to be silly! I love looking back at pictures of my son – it really does take me back to those times. Hopefully, as she gets older, she’ll recapture some silliness!

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