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Welcome to Fashionista Friday!

Well, okay, it’s technically Saturday, so I’d better get a move on….

Found this pretty dress while window shopping in Vegas.

DSC_1019If money were no object – a place I’d lurvvv to live in – this would be a fun dress to wear to dinner.

In Paris.

By private jet.

With champagne and appetizers served on board by a personal chef.

After dinner at Le Meurice, there’d be an evening of clubbing with more champagne where I’d run into my old pals, Johnny Depp, George Clooney (his wife is soooo charming!), and Christian Bale. At which point we’d all have to climb on board George’s private jet for a zip over to his Italian villa for a night cap. Maybe even spend the rest of the weekend lounging by his ginormous pool.

Aahhh, what a life!

Too bad the dress costs more than my mortgage….

Where would you go in an outfit like this?

Have a great weekend,