Bridge of the Gods

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I’m so fortunate to live in a gorgeous part of the Pacific Northwest. In my world, summers are warm and lush and so inviting that most of us practically live outdoors. It’s glorious!

This past summer I was really lucky to have been able to get in the car and explore a bit. And when I meandered down the Columbia River Gorge, I came across this:

This is The Bridge of the Gods. (On the Oregon side in these pics.) But while it’s all steel now, Native American legend has it that it was once a natural bridge, one eventually torn down over a love triangle. (No kidding!) Don’t you love it? You can read all about it here.

With the steel against the blue of the sky, against the backdrop of the trees and the sparkling Columbia River, the Bridge of the Gods evokes a sense of majesty, of something greater than us mere mortals. There is such innate beauty here that, combined with the legend, evokes the romantic in me. *Sigh*

So while I buckle down and concentrate on the next book series, in the back of my mind I can already hear the characters taking bits and pieces of legend and binding it to their own respective stories. I think that’s cool!

Have you been to The Bridge of the Gods? What were your first impressions?

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