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The holidays are finally here!

I love traditions. Especially the festive kinds. So on a cold, Sunday afternoon (the wet kind of cold that seeps down to the bones and begs for us to stay indoors) we decorated our Christmas tree. Yay! Okay, so I was the only one excited, but I know the girls had a blast, too. That’s my story and I’m writing it that way! 🙂

Anyhoo, the nieces and I dragged out the ornaments, indulged in mugs of yummy, steaming hot chocolate, listened to Christmas carols, and spent a wonderful afternoon together. By the time dinner rolled around, we had this:

DSC_0344Next step in Operation Christmas 2014, platters of cookies and loaves of cake that will make the house smell yummy! It’s the next step in bringing the holiday spirit into Domicile Alexander. And I know both Niece and Niece 2 will love doing that with me, too. *snort*

In whatever tradition you follow, this holiday season, celebrate well!

Happy Mash-Up Monday,