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Happy Travel Bug Tuesday!

One of the traditions I adore is picking up a Christmas ornament when we travel. This one always makes me smile. Well, okay, it makes me laugh out loud, too. 20141202_055954

When I see it, I’m transported back to one of the most amazing vacations I’ve ever had. Road trip 2011. With family. Five adults and two kids in a minivan with ten days worth of clothing and two coolers of food and drinks. Yep, we were pretty tightly packed….

So it shouldn’t have been a surprise when ten minutes out of the driveway, ten-year-old nephew yells from the back seat of the minivan, “Mom! Sister’s in my zone! Tell her to stop!”

And, yeah. This ornament brings it all back. The laughter. The tears. The bonding that took place. ‘Cause, really, how could it not?

Do you collect Christmas ornaments? What’s one of your faves?

Happy travels,