Kitty in a Bag

One of the things I lurrvv about the holidays is the newness of it all. Sure, there’s a tree and candy and gift wrap and Poinsettias and loads of cookies. There’s also Christmas music and parties and seeing friends and family. But each year, it’s somehow different. I know, I know. The same, but different.

Right about now my writer friends are snickering at what we often hear that editors and agents are looking for in our stories – the same, but different. But I digress….

This Take Me Back Thursday pic was from last year, shortly after Daniel Alexander came into our lives.

P1150982For him, everything was new, everything was exciting, and everything had to be explored. (Yay!) He climbed over packages under the tree, he batted at dangling ornaments on the tree, and if there was a bag sitting around, watch out! Nothing was sacred to this little guy. (Half chewed-on wrapped gift, anyone?)

And so it is again this year. But that’s a story yet to be written…. 🙂



One thought on “Kitty in a Bag

  1. So cute, Melia! Cat’s and kittens are an endless source of amusement. Can’t wait to hear more about Daniel Alexander’s adventures! ~ Viola

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