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It isn’t every day that an author gets to see her first book published. Which was DSC_0429partly why I decided that a book launch party would be such a fun idea. ‘Course, I made this decision two days before MERGER OF THE HEART’s debut. AND, I decided to hold it the evening it released. Two words: Not. Smart.

I’ll attribute it to ignorance. After all, how was I supposed DSC_0428to know all the fine details of launching a story out into the world? Of the countless hours on social media, and of hitting the “refresh” key to get updates of sales stats on Amazon? Right? Right?

Midway through the afternoon I realized that: 1) People were due at my house in three hours. 2) There was no food and I had to make a grocery store run. 3) There was the whole set-up thing that involved tracking down platters and serving spoons (how did they get to be so danged dusty?), and 4) I had yet to bathe….

I have to admit I was impressed that it all got done – especially the bathing part! And as exhausted as I was, it was so much fun.DSC_0437 ‘Course, the first four guests were drafted into kitchen prep, but that serves them right for being on time! The cucumber got sliced, the salami was rolled, and the store-bought mini-cupcakes and cookies were artfully arranged.

The best part? People actually showed up!

Have you thrown a party together at the last minute? How’d it go?

Happy eating,