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Welcome to Take-Me-Back Thursday!

I’ve been looking at photographs lately. Not the digital variety (cuz that’d be so easy to store!), but the actual put-in-a-photo-album kind. The same ones that take up oodles of precious real estate. I’ve got so many of these suckers that even I’m impressed with how well my life’s been documented! 🙂

I suppose you could say I’ve taken more than my fair share of flower pictures, and landscape pictures, and family pictures. (Just how many shots of family meals have to be taken, anyway?) But I do know that I’ll never have too many cat pictures. Is that even possible?

One of my faves is this one of Bennett Charles:


Doesn’t he look fierce?

I sure miss him…

So what do you think’s a better way to keep your pictures? The digital variety that you scroll through or the paper one that you can flip through?

Deep ponderings, huh? 🙂

Happy Almost-Friday,