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Ooooh! I loves me a good surprise! Which is why roads that curve intrigue me. Think about it. Anything could be on the other side of the bend. A trailhead…a roadside fruit stand…even a boat ramp where I could pull off and sit by the river for a while. How fun is that?

It recently occurred to me that life works the same way. I mean, here we are, motoring along, enjoying the scenery when life curves, leaving us no choice but to follow it if we’re to stay on our life path. And if we look around when we do that, we can come across some super cool surprises! Maybe we let go of old friends and pick up new ones. Or end up in our dream job! Maybe we even discover who we really are because the road turned when we least expected it. And then we decide we like ourselves even more!

I suppose it isn’t a surprise, then, that when I look at the following pic I see something deliciously optimistic ahead…

_dsc0125What about you? What do you see? Please share in the comments below!

Happy Travels,