Breakfast of Champions…Not!

Morning meetings at The Male Observation Lab are generally very early (sometimes as early as 5:00 AM!), and have a densely packed agenda. Often times, we feed the dudes so that they’re perked up and ready to roll. Which also makes it hard to please everyone…

There was a time when I hauled out fruit and yogurt, and had to contend with the raised eyebrows, not to mention hauling most of the food back with me. (Yeah, I got the message loud and clear!) Nowadays, here’s what a typical field meeting breakfast looks like:

20161104_0731071Coffee and assorted sugar-laden pastries. Nice and simple. And while it isn’t exactly the breakfast of champions, at least these get eaten!

Do you have early morning meetings where you work? Any food offered? The coffee and pastry variety or what? Please share!

Happy Food and Wine Wednesday,