Valentine’s Chocolate Treat, Anyone?

Oh, who am I kidding? This is a treat for anytime you want to indulge in something nummy-tasting that’s semi-good for you!

See, I’m a chocolate hound. Like, seriously, when is something better without 20170102_110143chocolate on or in it! And that includes…ummm…never mind… That’s a topic for another post! 😉

Where was I? Oh, right…As someone who likes to follow a mindful, healthy lifestyle, chocolate kinda doesn’t really fit. Not that I haven’t ignored “the rules” completely and indulged! But when there’s a special holiday, a real reason to indulge, then what’s a girl to do?

Scouring the internet, I found a recipe for a double chocolate cookie that is sooo delicious, I don’t miss the fact there isn’t any gluten in it at all! The secret is in the cocoa powder. It acts just like flour in binding the cookie dough together, and is so amazing, I don’t know that I’d make any other of its kind from now on!

Want the recipe? Well, since I didn’t develop it myself, I’m going to have to send you to Rachel over at You’ll find the link to the Paleo Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies here. If you whip up a batch, let me know how you like it, ‘kay?

(And, yeah, for the record, a single girl can like Valentine’s Day! Even if it’s only for the chocolate… 😉 )

Happy eating,