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Ah, Valentine’s Day! It’s just around the corner, and with it comes hearts and chocolate and kisses and champagne and someone sunset-hands-love-womanspecial. The perfect recipe for creating memorable, intimate moments, yes? I’ve had a history of such moments, but things are a whole lot different for me now.

Because while the day seems to be reserved for couples in lurvvve, as a single lady, I see Valentine’s Day a bit differently. No, I’m not hating on the day. Quite the contrary!

See, the way I figure it, if it’s a day of love, who better to love than oneself? Who better to treat well and celebrate than the wonder and the beauty that is you? I figure that the strength of a relationship with anyone else is only as strong as the relationship we have with ourself. At least, it makes sense to me!

So this Valentine’s Day, I’m taking myself to dinner. And if there happens to be someone across the table, then great! If not, then why should it matter? I’d consider myself the most important person in the room anyway!

At least, those are my musings. But I’m single, so what do I know? 😉

All the single ladies out there, what do you think? Valentine’s Yay or Nay?

Have an awesome week!