Seafood Heaven!

There are two people in my family who are terribly allergic to seafood. Makes their lips swell, and then they itch like a gazillion ants are crawling all over them! You can almost feel it, huh?

Thankfully, I don’t fall in the stare-longingly-at-plates-of-shellfish category. Nor do I fall in the ewwww-it’s-fish category. Which pretty much means that there’s more for the rest of us! Aren’t I mean? 🙂

But going out to eat is another thing altogether. While I’m admittedly a steak eater (I likes me some meat!), I sometimes bow down to the need for variety and will order an aquatic creature on my dinner plate instead. Here’s what it looked like on one of those occasions:

Scallops, halibut, and shrimp. YUMMINESS on a plate! And, yeah, I ate the whole thing!

Do you like seafood? Any kind in particular? Please share!

Happy Food and Wine Wednesday,