It’s a SALE!

Hey, Everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well in this time of quarantine. Crossing fingers it won’t be long before we beat this virus and can safely walk amongst each other again!

Meanwhile, my wonderful publisher, Entangled Publishing, has placed MERGER OF THE HEART on sale for a limited time! These days, who couldn’t use a sassy, sexy, fun romcom? You’re in luck because my debut novel on sale for a limited time!

So go ahead and grab up your copy of MERGER OF THE HEART for only 99 cents until May 11th! Read on for an excerpt.

She swallowed. “I have to go.”
“Stay.” Something in his voice tripped open the locks on her memory and flooded her senses with every moment they’d been together. She tried to reel them in, shove them back where they belonged. Because that was the logical thing to do, wasn’t it?
Her gaze snapped to his face. Deep, dark, gold-flecked eyes drew her in, issued an invitation. “Why?”
“It’s been a long time.” His voice snared her heart in a vise-like grip. Oh, God. She was so in trouble.
His lips curled into a smile. The kind that made her insides melt and logic take a vacation. He stepped forward, the distance between them no more than a few inches now. Close enough, she caught the distinctive scent of his cologne mingled with man. Did testosterone even have a scent?
He leaned forward as a slight frown crossed his handsome face. Then something changed. Like he’d made a decision.
She swallowed. He was going to kiss her. She knew it as surely as her heart was ramping up to triple speed. And she wanted him to. The knowledge wasn’t as shocking as the pull he seemed to have over her, making her want to give into the kiss in the worst way.
She searched his dark eyes, read the flash of desire in them, and the longing bloomed, threatened to overcome her.
“Stay,” he said again. Desire hung hot and heavy between them, and a slow ache started in her chest, radiated outward. “We have a lot of catching up to do.”

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