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Eating Paleo means I feel pretty even-keeled and functioning at optimum — at least, on more days than not.  But it also means watching carb intake so as not to be pushed over the edge and into the realm of tired all the time.  Having said that, there are days when I crave something so yummy/decadent I can’t stand it.  What to do?

Since I’ve yet to find a Paleo bakery around my neck of the woods, I’m forced to bake my own stuff.  And, yeah, on occasion I consciously choose to have something I shouldn’t, and moderate that throughout the course of my day.  I had one of those days not too long ago.  I wanted cake, darn it!  Not just any cake, but cake with a rich chocolate filling and lots of frosting.  (Note: I know chocolate isn’t Paleo, but I’m willing to bet a cavewoman would have loved it!)

Anyway, I came up with something that made my mainly-Paleo-eating-heart sing with joy!  (Corny, but true.)

It started with a recipe for a chocolate custard thingy (technical term) that I thought would work.  In addition to that, I made a grain-free cake, whipped up some heavy cream “frosting”, and put it all together.  The results were fantastic!! 🙂

Making the chocolate filling

Whipping the cream

Now it’s all about the assembly!

I thought some coconut flakes would be a perfect addition – yum!

And voila! Just in time for breakfast! 🙂

Frankly, life’s too short.  Every now and then, you gotta eat cake!