Historical Garb

As a contemporary romance writer, I don’t know much about historical clothing, but I do know what I like – functional, comfortable, complimentary (to my size and shape), and super-cute (natch!).

So, when I stumbled onto this outfit at a local fair, I had to wonder about the kind of women who wore these kinds of clothes. I mean, super-cute and everything, but what if you’re pint-sized like me? I think I’d get lost in something like that. Were different styles available if you drew the short (literally) end of the height stick or were you pretty much doomed to look like colored marshmallows the rest of your adult life?

If you’ve got some insight, please share!

Happy Fashionista Friday,

5 thoughts on “Historical Garb

  1. Hi Melia! I’ve wondered the same thing about historical clothing. There are some styles that look so uncomfortable, and that wouldn’t work with my body style, either. Certainly not the selections we have not, eh? Hugs, Viola

  2. I just read recently that most women in the 1860’s wore much smaller hoops (or no hoops at all) for everyday. I used to re-enact the time period and you’d be amazed how great women looked once everyone was in costume. You idea of beauty and how ridiculous it would look changes. Plus, they had sorts of different fabrics to suit your personal style–I could never do florals 🙂

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