The Chair

I’m really vain.

There. I admit it. No matter how much I’d sworn I’d never do something as shallow as color my hair, the moment the first crop of gray showed up, guess where my butt landed? Right in my hairdresser’s chair with a whiny, almost-sobbing commentary about the unfairness of life.

And so began the process of hiding the gray. ‘Cause, really, there’s no getting rid of it, is there? As soon as the color washes off and the hair grows out, there it is, a stark contrast against my otherwise dark locks. (Locks? Do people really use that word to describe hair anymore?)

But it occurred to me on my last trip to “the chair” that it dang near takes a village to look good. Face needs a good scrub? Go in and get a facial. Need a mani-pedi? Back to the beauty salon. What about a massage to relax you after an especially stressful week at work? Unless your guy’s a master with his hands – and will take a twenty for his trouble as opposed to…you know (not that I’d personally be opposed to that, mind you) – you’ll need a master masseuse. See what I mean?

And I came up with all that while sitting in “the chair” with my head under a dryer.

I have to admit, though, there’s no way I could look half as good on my own. Which is why I continually try to find a way to get the super-talented Linda to move in with Mr. A and me. She has yet to take me up on it.


Tell me, what lengths have you gone through to look good?

Happy Fashionista Friday,

Christmas Nails

Welcome to Fashionista Friday!

One of the things I most love about being a girl are the chances to do girly-girl things like facials, shopping, and mani-pedis. Not that I’ve necessarily got the time or patience for them, mind you, but I can admire them, too, can’t I?

Case in point? These.

20141219_122642Aren’t they pretty? I love, love, LOVE the detail! And the artistry that went into them. Makes me wish I could sit down long enough to have my own nails done! Ah, well…I can live vicariously through others, can’t I? 😉

Do you take the time for a great manicure? What was your fave design?

Happy Friday,


More Nice than Naughty

In a world of absolutes, I prefer to view my life as a “mostly.” As in, I’ve been mostly eating well versus not. Or, I’ve been mostly helping out around the house. Or, I’ve been mostly exercising instead of sitting at the keyboard eating chocolate and drinking red wine. Okay, maybe that whole red wine/chocolate thing’s true, but still….

The point is, this time of year, we all know the drill. Santa only brings you a present if you’ve been good. And while I’ve been sometimes bad, I think I’ve been mostly good. See how that works? I figure Santa’s got a direct line on this whole good/bad thing, and would likely find out that I’ve not always been good, so why lie about it, right? Truth should get me extra points. *Nods head sagely* Doesn’t that make sense?

Anyhoo, my whole reason for being good centers around these babies:

Aren’t they pretty? I figure that since I’ve been mostly good, and didn’t lie about it, then maybe, just maybe, Santa will realize I deserve all three this year. Wish me luck! 🙂

Have a great weekend,

One Man’s Ugly

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I can definitely be a fashion snob – when it comes to what I wear. You ought to hear some of the conversations I have with myself.

“Really, Melia, those wedge heels sooo do not go with that dress.” Or, “Bare tummy when not in bikini? Just how old do you think you are? Three?” Or, my absolute fave, “Panty lines. You have panty lines showing. Change the bottom or lose the panty.” Only once did I go commando. But that’s a different story….

When it comes to other people and their clothing choices, I give them the a lot of leeway. After all, taste is very personal, isn’t it? So if you wanna show up at the grocery store in your PJ’s, have at ‘er. My attitude on this doesn’t change. Much. Even when I walked past this number on my way out of a shopping center one night.

20141209_172831The Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit. Kit, as in, you get to design your own piece of sweater magic. (Wasn’t some budding entrepreneur on the edge of brilliant when this was created?) And not all of it turns out to be a masterpiece. Which made me wonder if a Create an Ugly Christmas Sweater party – complete with prizes for the top three uglies –  would be a fun idea. What do you think? Would you go to such a party?

Happy Fashionista Friday,

Pretty in Blue

Welcome to Fashionista Friday!

Well, okay, it’s technically Saturday, so I’d better get a move on….

Found this pretty dress while window shopping in Vegas.

DSC_1019If money were no object – a place I’d lurvvv to live in – this would be a fun dress to wear to dinner.

In Paris.

By private jet.

With champagne and appetizers served on board by a personal chef.

After dinner at Le Meurice, there’d be an evening of clubbing with more champagne where I’d run into my old pals, Johnny Depp, George Clooney (his wife is soooo charming!), and Christian Bale. At which point we’d all have to climb on board George’s private jet for a zip over to his Italian villa for a night cap. Maybe even spend the rest of the weekend lounging by his ginormous pool.

Aahhh, what a life!

Too bad the dress costs more than my mortgage….

Where would you go in an outfit like this?

Have a great weekend,

Ring Keepers

Happy Fashionista Friday! (It’s about FREAKIN’ TIME, too….)

My closet is a wreck. I know you all don’t believe me, since I am, after all, one of the most organized writers around (*snort* Trust me on this. And I’m not brave enough to post pics. Not yet, anyway….)

I’m constantly on the look-out for something – anything – that’ll help me stay organized. So it was on a recent Vegas trip with some high school gal pals (*waves at Notre Dame High School Class of ____* Did you think I’d tell you? 🙂 ) when we walked into a shop that had this:


So cute! And so perfect! And they were SHOES that I know Mr. A couldn’t claim were part of my collection wardrobe options. I thought of all the rings I could store on a pair of these, how well I’d be on my way towards organization a la Martha Stewart….Or my good friend, Jenny, who scours Pinterest for all these awesome homey-stuff ideas. (I secretly hate her. Ssshhh. JK, Jen!)

I reached for one of these just as I heard Mr. A talking in my head (wish he’d quit that). “But you only have three rings, sweetheart.”

He was right. Rats.

Ah, well. Guess I’d better change that. Ring shopping, anyone?

Have a great weekend!



Happy Tiara Day!

Welcome to Fashionista Friday!

Halloween, according to Mr. A, is the one time of year I get to go to The Male Observation Lab as who I really am. 🙂 (For the record, I did NOT have a glass of wine this morning! Well, okay, I might’ve thought about it….)

20141031_165451Still, I found it interesting that none of the dudes thought it was odd. Guess that says something, huh?

Have an awesome weekend,

Ode to a Shoe Tree

Welcome to Fashionista Friday!

Imagine driving along a sparsely beautiful road, your only company the occasional car or truck traveling in the opposite direction. On one side of your drive is a river snaking through an otherwise dry (for Oregon) land while on the other side, hills and mountains jut up, jagged scars dividing them in places and making you wonder what stories are hidden amongst the cracks and crevices.

A Lady Gaga song’s blaring out of the speakers, and you’re belting it out along with her, sure that if your talent were ever discovered, you’d rival the pop star. (Okay, that part’s pure fantasy!) The sun’s shining through the sun roof, it’s touch warm against your bare arms, and you have a tough time remembering that summer’s really over.

That’s when you round a bend in the road and come upon this:

The first thing that caught my eye were the strange shaped fruit hanging on it, so of course I had to stop and check it out. When I realized the “fruit” were shoes, I was sure I was given a sign to add to my hit the sale rack at Nordstrom on my way home! Wouldn’t you think the same thing?

Have a great weekend!

Happy Shopping,