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This Take Me Back Thursday comes courtesy of Niece 2.

Several years ago, my amazing SissyLu hauled three kids and my mom across the ocean. Not literally, of course, but still. . .. have you tried traveling with three kids and with your mom in a wheelchair? Did I mention she’s amazing? 🙂

Anyhoo, living on Guam, snow’s not a common occurrence in their world, so of course we had to  find some while they were visiting. And did we! Mounds of it that lined the roadway in the higher elevations in our part of the world. Once we parked, Niece 2 bolted out of the van so she could play with it. Natch!

Crater Lake_Snow 2Isn’t she adorable? Pains me to realize she’ll be driving soon. *Gulp* But that’s another story. . ..

Happy Almost-Friday,