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Welcome to Fashionista Friday!

I’ve made it my personal goal to mix up my wardrobe a bit. You know, freshen it up with colors, instead of just neutrals. Not that I get much of an opportunity to dress like a girl at The Male Observation Lab, but whenever I do get the chance, I grab it! After all, even in the heat of the construction season, I have to remind myself I have different plumbing from the dudes I work with. Even if they don’t realize it!

So when I come across a fun piece of jewelry, I can’t seem to help myself. It’s like a powerful magnet or a voodoo curse put on me or something. But looking at this necklace, was it any wonder I couldn’t resist the pretty colors?

20140901_154044And, really, with all the neutrals I wear, this would be perfect, right?

Now all that I’m waiting for is the weather to turn. ‘Cause once the rains hit, I can pretty much lose the hard hat and work boots, and switch to girly-girl clothes again! 🙂

Happy Friday,