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Lucky me to have spent an entire weekend as a spectator at a CrossFit Games this past summer! It was tough, I tell ya! I mean, an entire weekend surrounded by gorgeous, fit bodies. Bodies honed by hours at the box (gym), with good food, and a never-quit attitude. *Sigh*

And while the weekend was filled with lots of examples of sexy, I think there’s one kind of guy who depicts the ultimate in sexiness, one kind of guy who makes me think, “Yep. I could go for that!” Here are some examples.

My idea of sexy: a guy who adores his kids enough to take good care of himself so he can be around for them. And while some of you might not agree, I don’t think it gets much better than that!

So. What’s your idea of the ultimate sexy?

Happy ogling. . .. Ummm. . .. Happy Mash-Up Monday! 😉

Have a great week,