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Tag: CrossFit

The Ultimate Sexy

Lucky me to have spent an entire weekend as a spectator at a CrossFit Games this past summer! It was tough, I tell ya! I mean, an entire weekend surrounded by gorgeous, fit bodies. Bodies honed by hours at the box (gym), with good food, and a never-quit attitude. *Sigh* And while the weekend was filled with lots of examples of sexy, I think there’s one kind of guy who depicts the ultimate in sexiness, one kind of guy who makes me think, “Yep. I could go for that!” Here… Read more The Ultimate Sexy

CrossFit Men at Work

Welcome to Mash-Up Monday! This summer I had a much-needed break from reality when I made a road trip to one of the CrossFit games in my part of the world. I spent a couple of days surrounded by incredibly fit dudes who made me wonder just how much time they spent at the gym. Don’t believe me? Take a look! Should one of the heroes in a future story involve a CrossFit-like hero? Maybe. But first,check in next Monday and see how the women did! Have an awesome week,… Read more CrossFit Men at Work