And the Winner is . . .

For the record, I told Niece and Niece 2 to keep it simple, swore that all they had to do was cut a few triangles into a pumpkin and they’d be good to go, but did they listen? Of course not! Especially after Niece 2 declared that there should be a pumpkin-carving contest.

And so the challenge began, because, after all, they’re my nieces, right? They carefully chiseled and sawed and cursed their way through three hours of creativity. (Which strangely sounds a lot like me when I plot out a story!) But Mr. A and I don’t know which one deserves the prize, so we’re leaving it up to you!

I now present, for your voting pleasure, the pumpkins:

20141026_183002The 2014 winner of the Alexander pumpkin-carving contest will be declared on Halloween, right before Niece heads off to a party. On Saturday, November 1st, the lucky winner will get to choose a donut for breakfast, complete with chocolate milk. (Hey, if you lived in my house, you’d see why this is a big deal!)

Please leave your vote in the comment below.

Happy Mash-Up Monday,


13 thoughts on “And the Winner is . . .

  1. They’re both so creative! Oh boy, I’m a terrible judge, since I would have to declare a tie. I guess they’re going to have to cut that donut in half and share!

  2. Both are awesome! I say let them both have a donut. They deserve it for making your house look so festive and welcome.

  3. The pumpkin in the left, I like because you got a seemingly innocent looking creature until you see it brandishing a deadly weapon. . . Got to wonder what was brewing in the mind of that particular niece who carved out that pumpkin. Just saying.

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