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Welcome to Travel Bug Tuesday!

My most recent trip to Las Vegas didn’t involve my fabulously talented Entangled Publishing sister author, Delilah Marvelle. Nor was there the kind of drama only she could get into! Oh, did you miss that post? Find it here.

But, back to Vegas. . ..

There’s amazing creativity in this city, one that’s reflected in everything from food to clothing to architecture, to the celebration of the seasons. At one shopping arcade, it was like walking into a Halloween display. But not in a scary way! Of course, La Muse had to throw her two cents in.

See, at night, after the mall closes and tourists presumably go to sleep (ha!), these babies slowly turn their heads from side to side . . . stretch their limbs out . . . and then the party begins! Yep, it’s true. The music mix of hip-hop, pop, country, and even some jazz blares out of the mall speakers until the sun comes up!

And on some nights, just to break it up, the Hallow-creatures stealthily slip into the shops and try on gorgeous clothes, match them up with accessories like HANDBAGS and SHOES! (In a high-end mall, wouldn’t you want to do the same?) Don’t even get me started on the decadent pieces of jewelry, dripping diamonds that catch the light so perfectly, along with strings of pearls and seemingly endless displays of emeralds and rubies. Can you imagine?!

So, yeah, maybe half of me wishes I could party and shop in one of these arcades all night. With trays of food . . . and great Cabernet (natch!) . . . and even a chocolate fountain. . .. And with my bestest gal pals!

Tell me where your travels have inspired your imagination!

Happy travels,