My Little Punkins

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Once upon a time, there were only two kitties in the Alexander home, Alexander James and Bennett Charles. Both were wonderfully curious kitties, and loved to explore anything new that came into their field of view. But then they got a baby sister. Things changed with this one, as neither boys liked her very much, and typically left any air space Chloe Marie was in. But at Halloween that year, there was a shift in the household.

See, Mr. A carved a pumpkin. And all three cautiously entered the breakfast nook. Seemed they had to explore the weird scraping and cutting along with the occasional expletive. (Have you ever carved one without swearing?) And for the first time, all three fur babies came together! No one hissed at anyone, no one swatted at anyone, and no one growled. It was beautiful!

That year, it took longer than usual to get the pumpkin carved and ready to be displayed. But who cared? The results were so worth it!

What fave Halloween memories do you have? Please share!

Happy Halloween Eve,


2 thoughts on “My Little Punkins

  1. Kitties unite against the pumpkin enemy! So funny, Melia. Good memories are from when my son was much younger and we would roam the neighborhood with my sister and her kids and carving pumpkins with them. ~ Viola

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