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Welcome to Mash-Up Monday!

As a writer I tend to be pretty curious about the world around me, and am typically willing to try something at least once before forming an opinion. There are exceptions, of course, like skydiving. No need for me to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!

Anyhoo, I shopped at our local Saturday Market this past summer, each time passing by a Tarot reader’s tent. She always had a succession of clients. I figured she had to be good, right? So one morning I decided to pop in and check it out.

Connie had several decks of cards to choose from, and I loved the colors on the one I’d selected. Uber-vibrant and bold and fun! She was kind enough to let me take some pics – not that I remember what the cards all mean now, but I got the impression things were positive for me. Always good to know!

But here’s the thing that struck me: without curiosity, we limit ourselves, our experiences, and perhaps even our ability to grow. Put another way, if you’re always doing the same things over and over without adding anything new, how much more can you grow? Dunno about you, but I intend to be curious the rest of my life! Just not about the skydiving part. 🙂

Have you given in to curiosity and tried something new, something different from the norm? What’d you think?

Have an awesome week!