M&M’s … And Beyond!

It’s Travel Bug Tuesday!

Vegas has all sorts of really cool shops from clothing to tourist-y kiosks to specialty stores like this one:

The moment I stepped in and smelled the chocolate, I knew there was no other place like it! See, Jessica Adams, the heroine in my debut novel, MERGER OF THE HEART, lurrvvs Peanut M&M’s. But she only eats them when she’s stressed. Which means, thanks to the hero, Daniel Spencer, she practically mainlines the stuff. At least, at the beginning of the story…. 😉

So while Jessica might’ve enjoyed the variety of surprises on each floor (everything from mugs and pens and mixing bowls and kitchen towels and shirts and jewelry  … ) What I know she would’ve loved best of all was the candy. M&M’s in a rainbow of colors and arranged in gorgeous displays that invite customers to mix and match and even fill up another bag or six….not that I’d done that, of course!

That’s what made this store so special. Even though I’d completed Jessica and Daniel’s story quite awhile ago, being there reminded me of the quirkiness that was my heroine. And I found myself smiling at their story once again.

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  1. So perfect, Melia! I just have to ask, did you get a chance to chat with any of the M&Ms themselves? No? What do you mean they’re pretend?! XOXO

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