Christmas Nails

Welcome to Fashionista Friday!

One of the things I most love about being a girl are the chances to do girly-girl things like facials, shopping, and mani-pedis. Not that I’ve necessarily got the time or patience for them, mind you, but I can admire them, too, can’t I?

Case in point? These.

20141219_122642Aren’t they pretty? I love, love, LOVE the detail! And the artistry that went into them. Makes me wish I could sit down long enough to have my own nails done! Ah, well…I can live vicariously through others, can’t I? 😉

Do you take the time for a great manicure? What was your fave design?

Happy Friday,


One thought on “Christmas Nails

  1. Those are pretty! My dear daughter-in-law introduced me to the joy of sitting together getting out nails done, laughing and chatting. I usually stick to some version of fire-engine red. What better to remind me of hot firemen? Buwaha!

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