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So. I’m pretty much dazed today. I mean, it isn’t every day that a writerMotH_500(2) gets to see her first book published. Excuse me a moment while I pinch myself…


Well. I’m not dreaming…And yet, the entire experience feels strangely surreal. Kinda like when you ask Santa for a Betty Crocker Baking Oven, swearing up and down you’re gonna be good, making deals that you’re gonna quit picking on your little brother as soon as you get the present you’ve wanted in FOREVER. And when it shows up, you’re actually stunned silly because it did. Yeah. That.

While I marvel at all that it took to get here – the 4 a.m. writing times, the weekend writing times, writer friends who encouraged, cajoled, and threatened (that’s a whole ‘nother story) – I have to admit I’m beyond thrilled MERGER OF THE HEART has arrived!

Okay. Gonna go try and calm down now…But if you’d like to read an excerpt, please click here.

Happy Mash-Up Monday,