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Welcome to Take-Me-Back Thursday!

Growing up, I wasn’t much of an athlete. I didn’t play ball or tennis, or do gymnastics. No, nothing like that. Not this girl! Nope. I was a bookworm, instead.

I lived and breathed books. I couldn’t wait to get done with school, with homework, with chores, just so I could lose myself in a story. (I’m sure my readers and author friends are uber surprised! LOL.) The idea of dressing in workout gear and getting sweaty ON PURPOSE was insane to me, and I carried this notion well into adulthood…

But look at me now!

2015-04-19-at-crossfit-intensify-img_5717-263x300Well, okay, so this photo’s a couple years old, and I can snatch way more now than what’s shown, but still… I was stronger then than I was before! The bestest part? I’m getting stronger every day.

Nowadays I can’t imagine life without physical movement, and I find that if I haven’t had a workout in a while, my body complains. Loudly. See, I’ve discovered that, for me, a CrossFit workout takes both mental and physical strength. And I certainly need to maintain both!

What about you? Have you tried building strength in a part of your life that you never thought you could? Please share!

Happy Almost-Friday,