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Many thanks to those who dropped by my last blog!  And to those who made a stop at Jacquie Rogers’ blog, too, I’m considering a character based on my mom for a future book.  I’ll have to tone her down, though.  Maybe lose the cigar?

When I chatted with Ashlyn Mathews at the Emerald City Writers’ Conference last week, she swore using Rafflecopter to randomly choose a winner from the list of blog commenters would be easy.  So.  I didn’t believe her.  (Sorry, Ash!)  Rather than figure out yet another techie-like thing, I decided to go old-school.  Listed below is the Fur Baby Selection Process.

Congratulations to the winner!  (Yeah, I’m making you scroll down to find out if it’s you!)  🙂

Step 1:  Place names in cat bowl.  Remember it’s 5 AM.  Try to be as quiet as possible so as not to alert kitties of activities that might remotely resemble food is on its way.

Step 2:  After unsuccessfully completing Step 1, stop the yowling by actually giving them food.  Now that they’re distracted, place the raffle bowl in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Pull hand back quickly so you can steady the camera (used to verify you actually went through the process in a fair manner).

Step 3:  Since camera was left on the counter, pull bowl off the floor before kitties realize there’s PAPER in it and actually pull out a winner, thus thwarting your documentation efforts.

Step 4:  Pull food bowls off the floor so they become more willing participants.  (Don’t they realize people are waiting for the results?)  Ignore scowls and vocal complaints.

Step 5:  Turn camera on and then place bowl on floor.  Avoid stepping on Alex’s tail or he’ll nip your ankle, hiss, meow-up a storm, and leave, thus putting all the pressure on Bennett to pick a winner.

Step 6:  Position yourself off to the side so you can take a great shot.

Step 7:  Repeat Step 6 because cat heads fill the frame.

Step 8:  Wait exactly eighteen seconds until a winner is chosen.

And the winner of Melia Alexander’s very first contest drawing is (insert drum roll here!)

Congrats, girl!  FB message me to verify your e-mail addy.

Okay, fun’s over.  Back to edits.