Making a Statement

Ah, Fashionista Friday! So happy you’re finally here!

I’ve been on a necklace lust lately. Not sure why that is, but I don’t think I’m gonna question it too hard! 😉 And while I love jewelry with luscious color, I also love classic black and white. Kinda like a new LBD for your neck, ya know!

So, what do you all think of this?

20140901_154112There’s something about the delicate parts of it that come together into a bold statement piece. So pretty!

I’m thinking I need the perfect top to go with it now. . . and skinny jeans . . . and a new pair of knee-high boots. . .. Of course, if Mr. A were to toss his two cents in, I’d wear it with nothing else! 😉

Happy shopping,

Shades of Blue

Personally, I think clothes should be fun and fabulously easy to wear. There’s nothing worse than walking around in a show stopper of an outfit that you can’t bend over in, or reach overhead in, or even sit in gracefully – not that I have any experience with that! *whistles and looks away*

I spotted this outfit while on a road trip a few weeks ago. (‘Cause, let’s face it, wandering through shops is part of the road trip experience, right?)

DSC_0544Pretty, practical, and the different shades of blue are fun in this outfit!

And while it wasn’t anything I could fit into (I still can’t believe the world thinks I’m miniature sized!), I know it made someone very, very happy. Isn’t that what clothes should do?

Happy Fashionista Friday!



All the Pretty Colors

Welcome to Fashionista Friday!

I’ve made it my personal goal to mix up my wardrobe a bit. You know, freshen it up with colors, instead of just neutrals. Not that I get much of an opportunity to dress like a girl at The Male Observation Lab, but whenever I do get the chance, I grab it! After all, even in the heat of the construction season, I have to remind myself I have different plumbing from the dudes I work with. Even if they don’t realize it!

So when I come across a fun piece of jewelry, I can’t seem to help myself. It’s like a powerful magnet or a voodoo curse put on me or something. But looking at this necklace, was it any wonder I couldn’t resist the pretty colors?

20140901_154044And, really, with all the neutrals I wear, this would be perfect, right?

Now all that I’m waiting for is the weather to turn. ‘Cause once the rains hit, I can pretty much lose the hard hat and work boots, and switch to girly-girl clothes again! 🙂

Happy Friday,





Historical Garb

As a contemporary romance writer, I don’t know much about historical clothing, but I do know what I like – functional, comfortable, complimentary (to my size and shape), and super-cute (natch!).

So, when I stumbled onto this outfit at a local fair, I had to wonder about the kind of women who wore these kinds of clothes. I mean, super-cute and everything, but what if you’re pint-sized like me? I think I’d get lost in something like that. Were different styles available if you drew the short (literally) end of the height stick or were you pretty much doomed to look like colored marshmallows the rest of your adult life?

If you’ve got some insight, please share!

Happy Fashionista Friday,

Le Chic

It’s really cool what you can find when you wander through life, eyes open and camera in hand.

In my case, I was at a local arts and crafts show where I expected to see all sorts of glassware, photographs, paintings, sculptures. . .. That sort of thing. But clothes? Not so much. And an uber-pretty dress to boot? Again, not so much.

But take a look at this:

DSC_0015It’s like wearing a painting! I love surprises like this one, don’t you?

Happy Fashionista Friday!



It’s Fashionista Friday!

There’s something about warm summer days that makes white a fave color for a lot of us, whether on its own or paired with a bright like reds or yellows or blues. I know I tend to wear it often this time of the year. Which usually means an annual mini-shopping spree. (Ssshhh! Don’t tell Mr. Alexander!)

While passing through a small town recently, I saw this one hanging in a dress shop:

DSC_0280I thought it was so pretty! But would there be one in my size? Unfortunately there wasn’t. Ah, well. Maybe another time.

What’s your favorite summer fashion color?

Happy shopping,

Blue and Green

Welcome to Fashionista Friday!

One of my fave color combos is blue and green – most variations of it, anyway. Reminds me of walking in the woods on a bright, sunny, blue-sky filled day! 🙂

While browsing through a small town recently, I spotted this in a shop window.

DSC_0262I know the photo doesn’t do it justice, but the place was closed for the day. 🙁 Or maybe  it was a good thing. . ..

Still, don’t you love the shapes and the way the colors were combined? The shots of purple totally add to the necklace, too. I could totally see myself wearing this!

What do you think?

Happy shopping,

Looking Like a Gurrl!

Happy Fashionista Friday!

Most of my writing time is spent in comfy clothes because, let’s face it, when you spend *hours* on your butt with hands on the keyboard, comfort is key. There are occasions when my fave pair of worn sweats just doesn’t cut it, mainly when I have to leave the house.

On this particular trip, Niece and I shopped at our local Saturday Market. While I probably could’ve gotten away with said worn sweats, there are times when I really want to look like a girl. (What a surprise!) So here’s what I chose:

P1170547Skirt and blouse, and a hat to keep the sun off. A pair of my fave sandals, and I’m good to go.Simple pieces that make dressing easy. Who doesn’t love that? And on this trip, I even remembered to bring a tote for our purchases. Bonus!

Do you have fave go-to pieces?

Happy Friday,