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Tag: Food and Wine Wednesday

Lift a Glass

Welcome to Food and Wine Wednesday! Okay, so, technically, I’m not posting anything specific about food and wine, but for me, this is definitely something to celebrate, so indulge me, pretty please? 🙂 Ready? Entangled Publishing gave MERGER OF THE HEART a new cover! Isn’t it awesome?! And here’s the bestest part of all: MERGER OF THE HEART is $.99 for a limited time! If you don’t have a copy, you can download one from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iBooks. My heartfelt thanks to the readers who gave this… Read more Lift a Glass

How Dudes Do It

I work with construction dudes who are BRILLIANT at taking a set of construction plans with lines and numbers on it, couple it with specification books, and decipher it all. They then take all of that and work with project owners, architects, and inspectors to turn it into awesome stuff like bridges, and football stadiums, water treatment plants, and subdivisions. But put a dude in charge of breakfast meetings, and here’s what you get: Can’t help but chuckle. 😀 What can I say? The dudes at The Male Observation Lab… Read more How Dudes Do It